Volume 7 – 2016 – Tourism Issue (TUR5)

A Importância da Gestão Turística no Ensino Superior em Portugal

António Manuel Brites Salgado1, Fernando Manuel Florim Ribeiro de Lemos2 and Maria João Pires da Rosa3

1 Instituto Superior Politécnico da Guarda, Portugal
2 Instituto Superior Politécnico Gaya, Portugal
3 University of Aveiro, Portugal

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Salgado, A. M. B., Lemos, F. M. F. R. & Rosa, M. J. P. (2016), A Importância da Gestão Turística no Ensino Superior em Portugal, Percursos & Ideias, Vol. 7, pp. 52-68.

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The study assesses the situation of education in Tourism higher education in Portugal, interpreting changes in the context of the Bologna Process, especially the level of assessment and accreditation of these courses. The analysis of the contribution of these evaluation systems in Tourism for the three cycles of higher education will permit to understand the evolution of this scientific area. The research methodology is based on secondary data analysis, the need for cross-examination of some curricular and training variables in the courses, with the objective to understand the reality of Tourism, especially creating a holistic perspective of reflection on the processes of assessment and accreditation developed by A3ES. Curriculum development and quality of training, in this scientific field, will contribute to a better understanding of the importance and weight of the Tourism Management.com vista sua própria identidade regional.


Tourism management, Higher education, Tourism review.