Aims & Scope


Percursos & IDEIAS is a cross-disciplinary, scholarly, peer-reviewed international open-access journal. It aims to relate timely, high-quality research findings across a broad range of topics, particularly in Tourism, Marketing and Advertising, Solicitorship, International Trade, and Management. It welcomes theoretical and practical reflections on the scientific and operational aspects of those areas concerning new professional profiles and the challenges of innovation and sustainability in search of social, political, cultural, and economic balance at a global level.
The journal publishes conceptual papers and quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method research papers. In addition, comprehensive reviews of substantive research studies and/or technical reports published elsewhere are also welcome.


Percursos & IDEIAS invites the publication of extended full-length research papers that have the purpose to substantively address current issues within the journal’s scope, which include (although not restricted to):

  • Economics of tourism, tourism marketing, and tourism and hospitality business.
  • Innovation, technology, data analysis, and tourism intelligence.
  • Planning and management of tourist destinations (e.g., impacts of tourism, sustainability, and heritage).
  • International relations
  • International trade regional economics
  • Solicitorship
  • Sustainability-related challenges
  • Socio-economic, scientific and integrated approaches to sustainable development
  • Social media
  • Business and AI, data analytics, IoT
  • Consumer behavior
  • New products and services develepment projects
  • Marketing and retail trends and challenges
  • Advertising and the new media
  • Labour and education economics