Volumes 3&4 – 2011/12 – Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Issue (MIE2)

Modelos de Avaliação da Qualidade do Serviço e Satisfação do Cliente

Andreia Taveira da Gama1

1 ISCET – High Institute of Business and Tourism Sciences, Porto, Portugal

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Gama, A. T. (2012), Modelos de Avaliação da Qualidade do Serviço e Satisfação do Cliente, Percursos & Ideias, Vol. 3&4, pp. 13-25.

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In today’s markets, characterized by intense global competition, it becomes increasingly difficult to find differentiation factors that contribute to business success. Given the indifferentiation of products, the service component assumes an increasing importance in achieving customer’s satisfaction and consistent business profitability. This paper presents a literature review on service quality and models for assessing it and the relationship between the quality of service and customer’s satisfaction. At a first stage, it becomes important to find out the most appropriate model to measure service quality. Then, we must assess whether service quality is prior to customer’s satisfaction, and, whether by improving quality of service, the company is contributing to that satisfaction.


Service quality, SERQUAL model, SERVPERF model, Customer’s satisfaction.