Volume 2 – 2010 – Human Resources and Internacionalization Issue (RHI2)

Capitalismo e Multiculturalismo: O Caso da Finança Islâmica

José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes 1

1 ISCET – High Institute of Business and Tourism Sciences, Porto, Portugal

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Fernandes, J. P. T. (2010), Capitalismo e Multiculturalismo: O Caso da Finança Islâmica, Percursos & Ideias, Vol. 2, pp. 17-24.

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In Capitalism and Multiculturalism I seek to understand the interactions that take place among capitalist dynamics linked to globalization and the societies in which multinational companies are active. The specific objective is to assess the possible consequences for the society as a whole, of the so called Corporate Multiculturalism. With this purpose, multiculturalism is examined in its double strand, as a fact of life and and contemporary «cultural marxist»/post-nationalist ideology and utopia. The corporate performance is also seen beyond the narrow perspective of Economics, where the societal consequences tend to be regarded as externalities. The analysis is further supplemented by a case-study on Islamic finance and the actions to grasp this business by several major international financial institutions and Western governments. Finally, some considerations are made about the curious convergence of gains between (neo) liberal capitalism and the ideological multiculturalism.


Capitalism, Multiculturalism, Islam.