Volume 1 – 2009 (0018)

Envelhecer com Qualidade

Hélder Santos1

1 Fundação Filos, Portugal

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Santos, H. (2009), Envelhecer com Qualidade, Percursos & Ideias, Vol. 1, pp. 199-205.

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This article intends to present some results of a three-year study carried out by the social work undergraduated students of Instituto Superior de Ciências Empresariais e do Turismo. It aimed to assess quality data among 358 elderly residents in the district of Porto.
The objective of this study was to understand how the deep economic and social changes occured worldwide recently as well as the trends of aging population have affected seniors well-being and their quality of life.
Initially the research was developed within a theoretical framework on aging wich focused on six areas: family structures and dynamics, recreation and leisure activity; elderly education and training; social security, work and retirement, practice of promoting health and health issues; well-being.
Next a questionnaire was built and applied to the elderly population.
Lastly data were processed by using the SPSS (Statistical analysis program) and the results presented at the seminar on Aging held at ISCET, in April 2008.


Aging, Quality of life, Family, Social policies.