Volume 1 – 2009 (0017)

Formação Profissional em Serviço Social

Hélder Santos 1

1 Fundação Filos, Portugal

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Santos, H. (2009), Formação Profissional em Serviço Social, Percursos & Ideias, Vol. 1, pp. 185-197.

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Portugal, a country strongly marked by low levels of qualifications either educational or professional, professional formation is a previleged tool to remedy these deficiences and therefore to raise qualifications aimed at empowering individuals in order to integrate then in the labour world.
As low qualifications do not allow individuals to act as full citizens, this may lead them to be socially excluded: they not only are deprived from a necessary income source but also are away from the labour work, the essencial link for socialization and participation in the active life.


Qualifications, Professional formation, Social exclusion, Social inclusion.