Volume 7 – 2016 – Solicitor (SOL2)

As Substâncias Psicoativas em Ambiente Laboral: Enquadramento Social

Ana Paula Cabral 1

1 ISCET – High Institute of Business and Tourism Sciences, Porto, Portugal

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Cabral, A. P. (2016), As Substâncias Psicoativas em Ambiente Laboral: Enquadramento Social, Percursos & Ideias, Vol. 7, pp. 14-19.

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Psychoactive substances in working environment: the legal framing consists on a reflection on the matters underlying the theme. The level of concern of the legislator regarding the relationship between the consumer of/dependent on psychoactive substances and the working environment was verified. On the legislators’ part, it was possible to confirm existing caution regarding the holders of the legal employment relationship, but also with other subjects on the same legal relationship, as well as third parts concerned. In order to support this reflection, main legal diplomas direct or indirectly relating to this matter were acknowledged. The appraisal was not limited to national Portuguese legislation, but also included international norms.


Psychoactive substances, Working environment, Rights, Workers, Portuguese Data Protection Authority.