Volume 11 – 2021 (0001)

El Comportamiento del Comprador Industrial

Cesar Duch Martorell 1

1 Facultad de Empresa y Comunicación (Barcelona), Universidad de VIC-UCC, Spain

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Martorell, C. D. (2021), El Comportamiento del Comprador Industrial, Percursos & Ideias, Vol. 11, pp. 7-15.

doi: 10.56123/percursos.2021.n11.7

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Industrial Markets have been the subject of less academic study, despite their notable importance in the economy, leaving essential aspects such as the purchase decision or the Supplier-Customer interactions in a secondary place. The increasing globalization of the economy requires the study of theoretical models as well as empirical factors in the formation of the industrial purchasing decision.


Industrial purchase decision, Industrial behavior, Industrial decision making, Industrial supplier’s evaluation, Steps in industrial supplier´s selection.


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