Volume 7 – 2016 – International Commerce Issue (CI04)

Lean Production – Application to Warehouses

Norberto António Leite Bessa 1

1 ISCET – High Institute of Business and Tourism Sciences, Porto, Portugal

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Bessa, N. A. L. (2016), Lean Production – Application to Warehouses, Percursos & Ideias, Vol. 7, pp. 42-53.

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Lean manufacturing includes several best practices and processes which optimize resources to produce high quality products quickly and efficiently at a low cost and warehousing has as its first role the storage of goods that can be defined as the assignment of goods in a selected location. Lean philosophy applied to warehouses generates value for the company and for its customers. Lean projects should be implemented as part of a comprehensive companywide initiative and it should be a pervasive and permanent culture, not a limited-time project that works for everybody at every level. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the application to the warehouse management and organization of lean production techniques, objectives and goals. The paper is based on a review of journal articles and books literature on lean production.


Lean production, Agile production, Total quality management.